University of Memphis

Areas of specialization:

  • M.A. with Concentration in Medical Anthropology
    • Foci: health disparities, health risk, and healthcare systems
  • M.A. with Concentration in Globalization, Development, and Culture
    • Foci: community development, environmental justice and sustainability, and cultural identity and heritage
  • Graduate Certificate Programs:
    • Museum Studies
    • Geographic Information Systems
    • American Humanics Non-profit Administration
    • Women’s Studies
  • Other focus areas:
    • Community & neighborhood development
    • Cultural identity and human rights
    • Tourism development and ecotourism
    • Environmental justice and health
    • Education and anthropology
    • Alcohol and drug use
    • Family and maternal-child health
    • Food systems and nutrition
    • Mental health and health risk
    • Museum studies

Degrees Granted:

  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Master of Arts